Learn my favorite watercolor painting techniques in the comfort of your own home studio. Watercolor painting information found on my instructional CD’s and DVD’s is like having private instruction on demand... when the time is just right for you. Sit back and enjoy!
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I am happy to announce my popular book, WATERCOLOR BASICS: LIGHT is now available in CD form. Each fact-filled chapter focus on: Getting Started, Attracting Attention With Light, Making And Keeping Lights And Darks, Getting To Know Your Light Source, and Light Sets The Mood. In addition you will find an Introduction, Gallery, Conclusion, and Index. This CD to be viewed on any COMPUTER.

picture of cd WATERCOLOR... From Start To Finish
Every watercolor artist has a unique painting style. In this CD I share the painting process that works for me. You will see how I gather inspiration, plan a good design, choose pleasing color chords, and paint with techniques I love and have mastered. This CD follows the step-by-step process I used to create my award winning painting, “Chinatown: San Francisco.” This CD to be viewed on any COMPUTER.

picture of dvd TUSCAN TEXTURES: Rich Textures Using Salt
“Judy is known for her sophisticated use of salt texturing. Judy shows you an exciting new tool for your painting toolbox to help you achieve amazingly rich textures. She makes the process absolutely clear on her art instructional DVD, filmed at Creative Catalyst Productions, Inc. Judy takes the mystery out of choosing the right colors and salts to achieve rich, natural textures.” This DVD may be viewed on a DVD player or any computer with a DVD ROM.

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